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Hi there! welcome to my personal website 🙂

My name is Dr. Antonio Abellan, new director of the Research Center on the Alpine Environment in Valais, Switzerland after a long experience in the academia, with my last position as Lecturer in Engineering Geology and Geohazards at the School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds (UK). Feel free to read a bit more about my  background education and research interests here.

I commit myself to actively manage this website and to progressively update it with relevant information on the following topics:

  • Blog: Regularly updated section containing fresh comments and some thoughts related with my research.
  • Publications: List with updated information about my publication record.
  • Conferences: List of conferences and scientific meetings I’d like to be going.
  • Open knowledge: A database containing both open source code and open data of several of our recent publications.
  • Teaching: Details of some of our courses and seminars (under construction).

Also, here I leave you my contact details, Linkedin website, Google Scholar, etc…. Hope you enjoy the website and.. do not hesitate to contact me!! 🙂