2017.09 | Annual conference of the “UK Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry Society“

I will be participating as a member of the scientific committee on the forthcoming annual conference of the UK Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry Society, to be held in London from 5th to 8th September this year in the Department of Earth Science & Engineering, at the Imperial College London. After working in the UK for almost a year now, I believe this will be an excellent opportunity for networking at national level. Conference themes will be dealing with topics including: UAV technology and science,  Close range measurements, laser scanning & LiDAR,  Ground deformation, change and SAR,  Geosciences,  Ice and fire,  Oceans and atmospheres,  Land surface science,  Spectral & hyperspectral science,  Hazard, risk & insurance,  Structure from motion & remote site investigation, etc…. are you interested in coming? You can find some details on the image below, just feel free to submit an abstract 🙂

Also, you will find all the information here: http://www.rspsoc.org.uk/index.php/rspsoc-events/rspsoc2017.html


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Antonio Abellan

Hello!, My name is Antonio Abellan, I am a research and teaching assistant at the Risk Analysis group, Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Lausanne (Switzerland). My research focuses upon the 3D study of different natural hazards in Alpine, Permafrost and Polar environments.... you can take a look at my profile here: http://3d-landslide.com/about-me/

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