2019 | PhD proposal on data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Engineering Geology and landslide science

Project title: A data driven approach to forecast landslide crisis

Academic supervisor(s): Dr. Antonio Abellan

Lab/School/Institute/University:  Rock Mechanics, Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology group / Institute of Applied Geoscience / School of Earth and Environment / University of Leeds

External partner(s):  Norway (NVE: Norwegian Water andEnergy directorate) and others project partners in Switzerland and Spain.

Preferred start date and duration: Summer 2019 (TBC)

Duration: 3 years      

Essential skills and requirements of the PhD candidate: We are looking for a PhD candidate with a strong background in data science, including an MSc in civil o geological engineering with professionalexperience (or studies) in analytics or computer science. Excellent skills in handling big datasets and/or previous experience in data mining, Artificial intelligence or Machine learning are will be positively evaluated. Some knowledge or previous experience on hillslope stability, landslide initiation,geomechanics, hydrology, etc. will be an asset. Proper training on concepts related with landslide initiation and EWS will be provided to theintern if needed for completing the project tasks.

Project partners include companies and institutions in Norway, Switzerland and Spain. These project partners are close-collaborators with the PI / project supervisor and have shown their interest to collaborate in the proposed project.

Resources: project partners are collaborating with the project supervisor with in-kind contributions including the longitudinal datasets used during this research and other costs (sensor deployment and maintenance, travel expenses, publication costs, etc).

Funding: There are two funding opportunities, both highly competitive:

(a) For UK/EU nationals only: https://www.findaphd.com/phds/project/understanding-modelling-and-predicting-landslides-in-high-mountain-areas

(b) For international applicants (including UK/EU/international): The University of Leeds is accepting applications for our Doctoral Scholarships. You can apply for the scholarship online but please, make sure that you read, understand and understand them before contacting your prospective supervisor. Also, please double check if you are elegible for this specific call (see further details on this here: https://www.leeds.ac.uk/info/130541/university_scholarships_and_funding/247/leeds_doctoral_scholarships)

Deadline: application closing dates are approaching very fast (January 2019!), so please feel free to contact the PhD supervisor (Antonio Abellan) for further details.

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