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2017.05 | Triggering and Motion of Landslides – Eduardo Alonso (Rankine Lecture – video)

Triggering and Motion of Landslides 57th Rankine Lecture British Geotechnical Association Dear colleagues, I would like to share with you the keynote lecture by Professor Eduardo Alonso, from the Universitat Politecnica of Catalunya (UPC). Prof. Alonso has always been a leading figure in landslides and slope stability investigation. He has has won several medals, prizes and awards, and his achievements…

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2017.02 | Editorial board | Invitation | Feeling cautious

Dear colleagues, I have recently received a formal invitation for becoming a member of the editorial board in the “Academic Journal of Geographical Studies”, supported by the “International Association of Scientists and Researchers” (whatever this organization would be…). The email states that the editorial promotes publication of open-access, high standard and peer reviewed research articles in more than 45 disciplines….

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2017.03 | Postdoc position: Rockslide mapping / Landslide mapping

Hi, I thought that this information might be interesting to some of you.. Project Position as Researcher – Rockslide mapping / Landslide mapping Application deadline: 2nd March 2017 The Geological Survey of Norway (NGU) is seeking to appoint a highly qualified and motivated geologist in its Geohazard and earth observation team… The work will focus on systematic mapping of unstable…

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2017.02 |Research impact|> 1000 citations during the last five years

Hello!, I normally do not look at these numbers, but I have some good news to share with you: according to Google Scholar citations database, I’ve surpass 1000 mentions in scientific journals/book chapters during the last five years (2012-2017). I know that research impact is being measured using some other indicators such as the impact factor of the journal, h…

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2016.06 | New position | University of Cambridge

Hi, I have recently obtained a Marie Curie fellowship for carrying out an exciting research project at the Scott Polar Research Institute (University of Cambridge). I will be working here during the next two years, so please, feel free to take a look at my dedicated website here: I have to recognize that it was difficult to leave Switzerland…

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2015.08 | RockRisk project | UPC | New website

Hi! Good news, we have a new website for the RockRisk project, This is challenging project leaded by my colleagues at Technical school of Catalonia (Nieves Lantada and Jordi Corominas) aiming to investigate rockfall hazard and risk, both studying rockfall volumes, fragmentation, propagation and vulnerability of the building to rockfall impacts. Please, take a look at the website and collaborators…

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2015.07 | Fieldwork | Pyrinees | UPC

I’ve been doing an intense fieldwork campaign on the Aiguestortes Natural park (@ Pyrenees) with Jordi Corominas and his team, we were many different people involved and we had the opportunity to test several sensors, including our LiDAR, hexacopter, terrestrial photogrametry, total station, GPS … it was very funny, a great area to stay and a very nice company that…

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2015.07 | discussion | Are rockfalls predictable?

I have been recently discussing with a colleague whether or not it is appropriate using the term “predictability” in our investigation of the rockfall phenomena… I think yes, but we’ve to agree on the used terminology, so I have rescued some previous thoughts from my PhD that I’d like to share with you: Spatial prediction: rock slope failures does not…

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