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Mass movements

2017.05 | Triggering and Motion of Landslides – Eduardo Alonso (Rankine Lecture – video)

Triggering and Motion of Landslides 57th Rankine Lecture British Geotechnical Association Dear colleagues, I would like to share with you the keynote lecture by Professor Eduardo Alonso, from the Universitat Politecnica of Catalunya (UPC). Prof. Alonso has always been a leading figure in landslides and slope stability investigation. He has has won several medals, prizes and awards, and his achievements…

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2017.05 | 6th Interdisciplinary workshop on Rockfall Protection

I have been invited to participate as a member of the scientific committee on the 6th Interdisciplinary workshop on Rockfall Protection that will take place in Barcelona in May 2017. Previous RocExs workshops were held in rocky-active areas such as Japan (1999), France (2005), Switzerland (2008), Austria (2011) and Italy (2014). The workshop is being organized by the Universitat Politècnica…

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2017.03 | Postdoc position: Rockslide mapping / Landslide mapping

Hi, I thought that this information might be interesting to some of you.. Project Position as Researcher – Rockslide mapping / Landslide mapping Application deadline: 2nd March 2017 The Geological Survey of Norway (NGU) is seeking to appoint a highly qualified and motivated geologist in its Geohazard and earth observation team… The work will focus on systematic mapping of unstable…

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2015.08 | RockRisk project | UPC | New website

Hi! Good news, we have a new website for the RockRisk project, This is challenging project leaded by my colleagues at Technical school of Catalonia (Nieves Lantada and Jordi Corominas) aiming to investigate rockfall hazard and risk, both studying rockfall volumes, fragmentation, propagation and vulnerability of the building to rockfall impacts. Please, take a look at the website and collaborators…

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2015.07 | Fieldwork | Pyrinees | UPC

I’ve been doing an intense fieldwork campaign on the Aiguestortes Natural park (@ Pyrenees) with Jordi Corominas and his team, we were many different people involved and we had the opportunity to test several sensors, including our LiDAR, hexacopter, terrestrial photogrametry, total station, GPS … it was very funny, a great area to stay and a very nice company that…

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2015.04 | Article comment | AGU landslide website | Petley’s blog

Hi, today I have had a very good surprise, one of our publications has been cited by David Petley in his well known “landslide blog”. You can read his review here: This is a good recognisement of more than seven years monitoring on the cliff where I developed most of my PhD methods for rockfall detection and prediction..

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2015.01 | Special Issue | Use of LiDAR and 3D point clouds in Geohazards

Dear Colleagues, I would like to invite you to consider submitting a manuscript to this Special Issue: ——————————————– Special Issue Information Contributions aiming to use 3D point clouds for investigating natural phenomena (including ground deformation, landslides, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, soil erosion, etc.) that pose serious risks to human beings or infrastructures will be much appreciated in this special issue. We…

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2014.12 | Invited Conference | AGU | San Francisco

Hi, I have good news!: I will perform an invited talk at the AGU conference at San Francisco this year. The title of the conference is “Recent advances in analysis and prediction of Rock Falls, Rock Slides, and Rock Avalanches using 3D point clouds“, within the session of Greg Stock (Yosemite National Park), Brian Collins (U.S. Geological Survey) and Jeffrey…

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2014.08 – Video Lectures on Engineering Geology

The International Association of Engineering Geology (IAEG) is publishing a series of video lectures that will be freely available in streaming for the scientific ant technical community.  They are very interesting… enjoy! Video Lecture #2: Mapping, Monitoring and Modelling of Rockslides (Prof. Giovanni B. Crosta): Video Lecture #1: Rock Mass classification, an engineering geological assessment. Application and limitation (Prof. Paul…

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