2018.11 | Call for abstracts EGU session | Landslide investigation using Remote Sensing and Geophysics

Dear colleagues,

The conveners of the always-successful EGU session on Landslides investigation using Remote Sensing and Geophysics  were looking for new collaborators for 2019 and I instantaneously volunteer for accepting this responsibility with great pleasure 🙂

Big thanks from here to the previous conveners of the session for their successful management of the session during all this years and for facilitating a smooth transition during the next years. So it is an honour to invite you to submit an abstract for the rejuvenated EGU Session on: LAndslide investigation using Remote seNsINg and Geophysics (LeARNING). Conveners: Antonio Abellan, Janusz Wasowski, Masahiro Chigira, André Stumpf, Jan Burjanek 

As guest speaker for the session, we invited prof. Denis Jongmans, from the Risks and Environmental Geophysics research group (Polytech Grenoble РUniversit̩ J. Fourier). While two of the previous conveners (prof. Janusz Wasowski and prof. Masahiro Chigira) will still be instrumental in the session, I would like to send big kuddos from here to prof. Michel Jaboyedoff, prof. Denis Jongmans, prof. Vincenzo Del Gaudio, prof. Gilles Grandjean and Dr. Marc-Henri Derron.

Abstract deadline is January the 10th, while EGU travel grant support deadline is December the 1st (more info at http://egu2019.eu).

Hope to see you there!

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