2014.03 – NEW Publication in Computer and Geosciences: 3D discontinuity extraction

Riquelme, A., Abellan, A., Tomás, R., Jaboyedoff, M (2014). A new approach for semi-automatic rock mass joints recognition from 3D point clouds. Computers & Geosciences, 68(0), pp.38–52. DOI: 10.1016/j.cageo.2014.03.014

Our paper concerning a semi-authomatic methodology for the identification and analysis of flat surfaces outcropping in rocky slopes from 3D point clouds has been finally published in Computer and Geosciences (Riquelme et al., 2014). The method is based on a three steps process: (i) to carry out a nearest neighbour points coplanarity test and to computate the normal vector; (ii) to find the principal orientation families by Kernel Density Estimation; and (iii) to identify and extract clusters of points belonging to the same discontinuity. Different sources of information – synthetic and 3D scanned data – were employed in this study in order to better construct the algorithm and validate the method.

Finally, both RAW source files and obtained results are freely provided online, aiming to a more reproducible research (see first author personal website): http://personal.ua.es/es/ariquelme/nuevo-metodo-para-deteccion-semi-automatica-de-discontinuidades-a-partir-de-datos-lidar.html



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