2017.10 | RockModels project | new website

I would like to share with you the new website of the RockModels project,  a three years project (2017-2019) lead by profs. Jordi Corominas and Nieves Lantada from the Technical school of Catalonia (UPC).

This new scientific journey, as the logical continuation of the RockRisk project (2014-2016), will provide more effective tools and algorithms for predict and prevent rockfalls. Interestingly, the project is involving several entities interested in the project results, which have committed to participate in annual monitoring meetings, in order to facilitate an excellent transfer of knowdlege to practitioners and other interested stakeholders.

Needless to say, I am proud to continue collaborating all these years with this excellent work team, including my friends and colleagues of the UPC (Jordi Corominas, Nieves Lantada, Josep Gili, Josep Moya, Felipe Buill et al.) and the University of Twente: Olga Mavrouli.

Take a look at the excellent website, and do not hesitate to follow the project in ResearchGate (to be added soon) and comment/contribute there.

As a warm-up, here I leave you a screen-capture of the project website, enjoy! 🙂


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