Are you an excellent Early Stage post-doctoral researcher, willing to work at the Rock Mechanics, Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology (University of Leeds), for a period of two years?

This scheme will offer you a decent salary of £24,000 per annum and up to £8,000 per annum research expenses, as well as a one-off payment of up to £3,000 for relocation expenses… not bad!

Please have a look at the eligibility

  • have a PhD, or will have a PhD by the time the funding starts
  • have no more than 7 years of active full time postdoctoral experience at the time of application (discounting career breaks, but including teaching experience and/or time spent in industry)
  • be working outside the UK
  • not hold UK citizenship
  • be competent in oral and written English
  • have a clearly defined and mutually-beneficial research proposal agreed with a UK host scientist

Interested and with an idea in mind? Do not hesitate to contact us for support! We welcome interests in any of the following topics:

  • Forecasting of landslide accelerations related with strong precipitation
  • Using smart sensors for landslide monitoring
  • Landslides in permafrost under changing climate scenarios
  • 3D investigation of rock masses: automatic discontinuity extraction/slope monitoring-surveillance
  • Using drones for investigating the dynamics of high risk slopes
  • Stability / trajectography simulation with Monte Carlo simulation of a given geotechnical software either in 2D or 3D e.g. rocscience software (slide 2/3, phase/RS2, rocfall, etc.) + optional residual risk computation after mitigation measures (e.g. anchoring, protective barriers, etc.)
  • Real-Time Monitoring and early warning of landslides + design and implementation of an early warning system based on landslide modelling
  • Glacier front monitoring as analogy of rock slope failure
  • Landslide recognition at regional scale using satellite/airborne LiDAR/Google Earth Engine/etc.

More information about the Newton funding scheme: