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2014.01 – New publication: ESPL state of science (terrestrial LiDAR on rock slopes)

Abellán, A., Oppikofer, T., Jaboyedoff, M., Rosser, N. J., Lim, M. and Lato, M. J. (2014), Terrestrial laser scanning of rock slope instabilities. Earth Surf. Process. Landforms. DOI: 10.1002/esp.3493 This manuscript presents a review on the application of a remote sensing technique (terrestrial laser scanning, TLS) to a rock slope characterization and monitoring. Key insights into the use of TLS…

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2013.11 – End of my 2 years research position (Swiss National Foundation Project)

The 2011-2013 Swiss National Foundation projects Understanding landslide precursory deformation from superficial 3D data FNS 138015 and Characterizing and analyzing 3D temporal slope evolution FNS  144040 (follow up of the previous one) have recently finished. Both projects, which were leaded by Michel Jaboyedoff and I was co-applicant, have allowed me to carried out extensive research for my post-doc. As already…

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