2016.03 | Artificial intelligence | Deep learning | Atari breakout

I’ve played Atari Breakout during my childhood and I am sad now knowing that computers can beat humans in several tabletop and video games… Google’s DeepMind computer program has shown its efficiency using a combination of artificial neural networks and deep reinforcement learning to improve its own capabilities with gaming… It has recently beaten Lee Sidol, a top-ranked player of the Chinese board game Go, as has been recently broadcasted in TV, newspapers, etc… this reminded me a video I saw last year showing how DeepMind program was learning video-games, improving itself up to a super-superhuman level and I wanted to share this with you (see video below).

There always exists the most efficient “solution” to a given video/tabletop games?

Artificial intelligence 1 – Humans 0….. what’s next?  😀






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