2014.06 – EU Summer School on 3D techniques for landslide analysis and monitoring

Université Européenne d’Eté (UEE) 2014, N°1
en région Rhône-Alpes

16 au 20 Juin 2014 – Bernin, Grésivaudan (Isère)

 This June we had the pleasure to carry out a summer school on 3D techniques (LiDAR and photogrammetry) for landslide analysis and monitoring.

We have been sharing a very dynamic course with 30 motivated participants with very different backgrounds: some of them doing research, other working such as consultants, risk managers, etc.

Thanks to the organizers, teaching team and to all the participants, it has been a very interesting week for me too.


More info on the program, calendar, etc here: http://www.risknat.org/pages/universites/session2014.html


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Antonio Abellan

Hello!, My name is Antonio Abellan, I am a research and teaching assistant at the Risk Analysis group, Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Lausanne (Switzerland). My research focuses upon the 3D study of different natural hazards in Alpine, Permafrost and Polar environments.... you can take a look at my profile here: http://3d-landslide.com/about-me/

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