2014.03 – Fieldwork in Argentina

On February this year, thanks to the Swiss National project I’m enroled as a post-doc researcher and leade by Prof. Michel Jaboyedoff (Risk Analysis group, Unil), I had the chance to perform fieldwork research in the Andes and Patagonia (Argentina) in collaboration with my colleagues Dr. Ivanna Penna and Sergio Daicz from Univ. Lausanne. We have there collaborated with the researchers from the Argentinean Geological Survey: Valerie Baumann, Analía Casa, Luis Fauqué, Mariale González and Mario Rosas. We have collected extensive information on several landslide case studies using a terrestrial LiDAR Ilris 3D, a phantom dron and a Gigapan… more updates will come soon..

Fieldwork LiDAR argentina



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