2014.02 – LiDAR Short course for Vertical geology conference 2014


A full-day short course on 3D LiDAR techniques applied to vertical geology was proposed the day before the conference. The participants have assisted to a series of theoretical and practical works related to this innovative discipline with inputs from structural Geology, remote sensing, 3D point clouds, etc. The program, who was leaded by Michel Jaboyedoff and his team at Univ. Lausanne included:

08 00     Introductive coffee
08 30     Introduction
– Theoretical background
– Data processing and treatment
– Commercial software
10 30     Coffee break
11 00     Theory:
– Geological & Landslide Mapping
– Rock structural characterisation
– Monitoring Movements
– Mobile laser scanning
12 00     Lunch
13 00     Practical work
14 30     Coffee break
15 00     Practical work
Perspective and discussion

Please, do not forget to visit the official website of the conference: http://www3.unil.ch/wpmu/vgc14/

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